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Gang Research & Reports


The Gang Book:  In 2006 the Chicago Crime Commission released the first series of The Gang Book; a compilation and distillation of data and material provided by the Chicago Police Department and 81 law enforcement agencies throughout the Chicagoland area.  The book includes descriptions of the leadership, structure, operations, clothing, tattoos, hand signs, graffiti, markings, videos and social networking trends of the most prominent street gangs in Chicago.  The Crime Commission has updated the 2006 Gang Book to include 2008-2012 data from the Chicago Police Department, Cook County Intelligence Unit, Illinois Department of Corrections, the Cook County Intensive Probation Services and Gang School Safety Team.


The Chicago Crime Commission has donated over 4,000 copies of The Gang Book (2012) to the Chicago Police Department, Cook County Sheriff’s Department, Chicago Public Schools and numerous other organizations in the criminal justice field throughout the State of Illinois.  The Commission believes the book will be a tremendous training tool and guide, as well as a thorough source of information and insight for these organizations.  The book’s widespread national media coverage has spurred the introduction of new gang reduction legislation and the establishment of collaborative gang reduction task forces throughout the greater Chicagoland area.


Not only was The Gang Book created to be of use to the most expert gang investigators, but just as significantly, to the parent, educator, or business owner who may be unfamiliar with Chicago street gangs.  It was designed to give the public the most complete and current information possible on the subject of gangs in a concise, easy-to-read manner.  The Chicago Crime Commission was able to produce this document due to the enthusiastic investment and strong partnership with numerous law enforcement agencies and other sources.